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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Weekend challenges.

Color your world.

The primary challenge of this weekend had nothing to do with photography, but the fact that Lauren is sick. It would seem that her lethargy on Thursday had nothing to do with her being tired, but everything to do with her 102 degree temperature that she just can't seem to kick. Needless to say, we missed the last day of Girl Scout camp as well. I'll try to upload the few photos that I did take later in the week.

Yesterday's challenge was "your favorite color," which for me has been and always will be blue. This would have been more effective with Lauren's little hand holding the crayon, but she was stuck inside all day. :( So instead, you're stuck looking at my big paw.

This was not an easy feat. First, I had to lay on my back on our patio to get the shot. Then, I had to hold the crayon with my right hand so that the words would read right side up. Because of this, I had to balance the camera on my chest and reach over with my left to press the shutter. Thankfully, I had no camera mishaps due to lack of balance, but I'm sure I looked odd doing it!

Bicycle races are coming your way.

Today's challenge was "tire." Not a lot of subject matter to choose from, so I went with a bicycle. Again, I had to lie down to get the angle I wanted. My neighbors have to think I'm so very strange.

All the other colors are just colors, but purple seems to have a soul.

Lastly, here's a bonus photo of one the purple cone flowers in our garden. Purple cone flowers have to be one of the most photogenic species around.

I always know summer is here
When purple cone flowers appear.


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