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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

High flying adored.

You are here.

It dawned on me that Kennywood is a lot like an Andrew Lloyd Weber musical.

Musik Express and The Phantom's Revenge.

You make Memories there. It has a Musik (Starlight) Express and Phantom ('s Revenge).

Carousel horse at the entrance.

You can ride the Carousel. Oh wait, never mind. That was Rodgers and Hammerstein.

Jellicle cat.

And sometimes you see a Jellicle cat.

Last Saturday, we headed to Kennywood with our friends Scott, Beth and "the other" Lauren.

Teaching them young.

Here's Mr. Scott on the Musik Express with the girls, teaching them an important life lesson: shooting the devil horns.

Ridin' the Express.

The Musik Express proved very popular with the girls, so I took a turn with them. Before the ride started, they excitedly described all the thrills that awaited me. I refrained from dampening their enthusiasm by telling them I had already rode it countless times, and how daddy will never let me forget the time that he ripped his shirt on the safety bar lock.


The weather was clear, producing a gorgeous blue sky. This made for some great photos, but it also made it miserably hot for those waiting countless minutes in line with little shade. Like us.

This end up.

This is the Aero360, which I've never rode before.


But I have a feeling that once Lauren is tall enough, I'm going to have to take one for the team.


As seen in Lost Kennywood.

Bavarian swing.

I love the Bavarian Swing. Now that I can't wait to ride with Lauren.

What Rick Sebak didn't tell you.

Ah, now there's something Rick Sebak didn't tell you (my fellow Pittsburghers will get this).

Sleepy leopard.

And that my friends, is how you can tell that a great time was had at Kennywood. Any dream will do...

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