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Monday, July 4, 2011


I'm lost without you.

Since non-photography life has been keeping me so busy, I haven't had time to participate in the daily challenges, but given we had our 4th of July celebration on the 3rd, I had a little free time today.

When I saw today's challenge, I immediately thought of someone looking for their lost camera. After I was finished editing, I thought that it should be titled "I would be lost without you." Too true! I usually don't care for vintage style editing because it is way overdone, but I think it fits the mood of this photo.

Don't know if there will be any updates this week, as Lauren and I will be attending Girl Scout camp in the evenings,, which won't leave much time for blogging, or anything else for that matter. I plan on bringing my camera, so when it's all said and done I'll not only have acquired the knowledge of how to make biscuits on a stick, but hopefully some fun photos to share here.

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