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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Texas invasion.

Texas Invasion:  Posing in front of the skyline.

Also last weekend, my Aunt Beth and Cousin Jen came to visit us all the way from Texas. Most of my family is scattered across the country, so it's always a real treat when they come for a visit!

Texas Invasion:  Me, Beth, and Jen

My cousin Michele couldn't make it because she had a prior engagement. If she comes to visit next time, we promise not to make her walk a mile in the hot sun like we made poor Beth and Jen!

Texas Invasion:  Lauren splashing in the fountain.

Luckily, we did get to cool ourselves off in the fountain.

So where do you head to on an unbear-ably hot day? To Build-a-Bear at the mall, of course.

Texas Invasion:  Jen and Lauren at Build-a-Bear

Yes, we were suckered, I mean gently persuaded by Lauren to go to Build-a-Bear. It did make for cute photo ops though.

Texas Invasion:  Jen trying on a Smurf hat.

Here's Jen getting her Smurfette on. Our family has commented that Jen looks a lot like me when I was a teenager (and had my original haircolor).

Lastly, here we are posing in front of the big hiking boot in front of L.L. Bean. I wonder if there is a big cowboy boot in front of their stores in Texas?

Texas Invasion:  On the big boot!

Thanks for coming to see us, Beth and Jen - we loved having you here!

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Jenn papa said...

Those Are all cute pictures!!(: we had an an amazing time with You guys! We cant Wait to see you guys again! Thanks for everything we really enjoyed!<3 love You guys! ~Jenn