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Saturday, March 3, 2012


Classic line-up.

Can you believe it's March already? Next week at this time, we'll even be turning the clocks ahead! This winter was practically painless! I'm already beginning to get spring fever and spent a lot of time this week planning activities for the next 6 months. Baseball games, Broadway shows, soccer, birthday parties, parades, camping trips - so much going on!

For today's challenge, I chose "classic" as the topic. I had a really hard time settling on a concept that was just right, so I ended up with three photos. As a side note, I had planned to take a shot of my beloved eight track player, but to my horror and dismay, I could not find any of my 8 tracks. You see, I am a control freak when it comes to stuff. I can tell you the location of anything within our house at anytime. For example, say you needed a button that featured Jon Bon Jovi and Ritchie Sambora. I could produce one for you in minutes because I know that my jean jacket button collection from high school is sitting in a decorative keepsake box inside the closet of our spare room.

Anyway, my 8 tracks were not in the drawer where they had been stored for years, and I have no recollection of where I put them. I couldn't have possibly tossed them out after saving them all these years, but I don't have so much as even a vague idea where they are. And I'm very disconcerted by that. This must be what a psychics feel like when they lose the sight. Hopefully, they will turn up someday because you never know when I'm going to want to listen to some Seals and Croft or Juice Newton.

Moving on to Plan B. I had the idea to recreate Bruce Springsteen's classic "Born in the USA" pose. In order to make this happen, I had to find a model. The ensuing conversation went something like this:

Me: Are you in a good mood, or a bad mood?

Mark: Why?

Me: Because I want to know if now would be a good time to ask you if I can take a picture of your butt.

Working class uniform.

I think he only conceded because I was really twitchy after the 8-track incident.

Classic duel between good and evil.

 And lastly, here is the classic duel between good and evil, as depicted by classic Star Wars figures.

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