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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Girl Scout Week Day 1: Girl Scout Sunday

 Happy 100th Birthday Girl Scouts!

Today marks the beginning of the annual Girl Scout Week. This year is extra special because Girl Scouts are celebrating their 100th birthday. Ever since the 25 Days of Christmas, I've been wanting to do another photo project, so what a better way to celebrate!

At our last meeting, I challenged my troop to do an activity each day that shows the spirit of Girl Scouting. Since almost the beginning, scouts have participated in day-of-the week program activities, like homemaking, community service, health and safety. The themes have changed over the years, but the spirit has remained the same. If a scout completes at least one activity each day, they'll earn a special "Happy Birthday Girl Scouts!" patch.

The first day of Girl Scout Week always begins with Girl Scout Sunday, which focuses is faith and duty to serve others. Lauren chose to go through her huge library of books and pick out ones to donate and give to her cousins Noah and Jacob. We're also planning to make a get well card for our neighbor who was among the injured when a man opened fire in the lobby of Western Psychiatric Institute on Friday. Thankfully, she's expected to recover.

Lots more to come tomorrow and the rest of the week!

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Anonymous said...

Very nice gesture to neighbor wish all people could make kindness and appreciation their motto