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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Girl Scout Week Day 3: Explore the World.

 Ooo...look at it!

For today's activity, we decided to do a science project. Mark got into the act and brought home some dry ice so that we could study its properties.

Dry Ice Happy Fun Time!

Lauren got a big kick out of it and asked if we could have dry ice happy fun time everyday.

 Marcus vs. Dry Ice

Marcus was not sure what to think of it...

Going in for a better look.

...but curiosity got the better of him, like it usually does.

 Past Daisy's bedtime.

It was past Daisy's bedtime, so she really wasn't impressed...

 Suspicious of the ballon.

...even though you can use it to blow up balloons! 

I also did some experimenting on my own with my camera lenses. Today's challenge was "words."

 There's no place like...

Here I used a 50mm telephoto lens...

 Where thou art - that -

...and here I used my new 11-16mm wide angle lens. I think I had it set to 11mm. There's a bit of a learning curve with wide angle lenses. When used effectively, they can take some really breathtaking shots, so I'm going to keep practicing with it as much as I can.

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