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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter highlights.

 Lauren G. making a run for it.

I've been in a bit of a creative funk these last couple of days. It usually happens after a holiday or another major event that takes a lot of brain power and energy. Nonetheless, I pushed through and edited the photos from last Saturday's Easter celebration so I could finally blog about them.

 Easter table setting.

First, some details. Cousin Noreen sent this awesome cookie jar filled with goodies. He presided over the festivities, so it was almost like having her and Nick here with us. :)

Colorful flower and bunny candy.

I got this colorful candy from the dollar store. It's made by Ferrara Pan, the company that brought us Lemonheads, Red Hots and Boston Baked Beans. Lauren and I quite like it, but Mark thinks they taste like rubber.

Colorful Easter egg wreath.

I picked up this colorful Easter egg wreath last year at Target. I didn't put it over the mantel because, as with Christmas, I didn't want to move the hydrangea wreath. No matter - I like it better hanging like this.

Mark and Mr. Scott holding the eggs.

On to the festivities. First, we held our annual backyard egg hunt. Here's Mr. Scott and Mark getting ready to hide the eggs. Hmm...this photo needs a little...something...

Mr. Scott, Mel C and Mark.

That's better.

Lauren and Lauren before the hunt.

Somehow, we convinced Lauren and Lauren to stop running for the eggs and pose together for a pre-hunt photo.

Lauren G. snags an egg.

Lauren G. snags an egg from high above the play set. 

Sunshine girls.

Sunshine girls happy after the hunt.

The booty.

No wonder - here's just a sample of the booty that they collected.

Next, it was time to dye eggs.

 Egg dying ladies.

Thankfully, I had Aunt Phyllis, Mel C and Miss Beth prepare the dye. If I did it, I'd end up pouring vinegar on the pink tablet and the wax crayon would surely get broken.

Grandma showing how it's done.

Need I remind everyone (as I do every year) that my family comes from a long line of egg dying experts. Here's Grandma Bruno showing the girls how it's done.

The final product.

And here's the finished product. I wonder who made the egg on the left?

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