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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Pink state of mind.

 Pink state of mind.

One of these days, I need to step outside of the boundaries of my property and go take some photos elsewhere. Thankfully, just when I think I've exhausted all the possibilities, I always find something to photograph around here.

You probably wouldn't think of it, but just like playing a sport or an instrument, you have to practice photography. Rather than taking photos, I've been spending much of my free time during the last week playing around with my camera's settings, trying new methods to nail focus and exposure and studying Fibonacci spirals. Trying to up my game, so to speak.

 Pink swirl.

Between camera settings, lenses, composition and lighting, there is an infinite amount of ways to take a photograph. Through the last few years, I've taken several photos of our crabapple tree, but this weekend I tried to use some techniques that I hadn't before. Sure, I wasn't breaking new ground, but it was good practice and fun. I took photos of the blossoms front lit...

Glowing blossoms.

...and back lit.

 Pink blossoms at dusk.

 I tried different lenses.

Blossoms in the corner.

 Then I tried a completely different approach and brought some blossoms inside.

 Pitcher full of spring.

 I even put them in the bathtub.

Tomorrow Lauren and I have a Girl Scout event, so on Tuesday, we'll see what we can do with Mark's tulips. That is, if the deer don't eat them by then.

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