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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Second graders are twice as nice.

 She's always on the fence.

A week later, we're still trying to get used to the new school routine. The evenings are much shorter now, and with that comes a sense of having a lot less time to do things. Due to one of my regularly scheduled creative slumps, I haven't been shooting at all over the last couple of weeks, but yesterday I had the rare opportunity to take photos of Lauren. She pretty much loathes to have her photo taken these days (Totally my fault, of course.). However, last night she was very proud of the fact that she could climb up on our fence all by herself. I noticed how nice the light was hitting her, so I took a chance and asked to if I could take her picture. To my surprise, she said "Okay."

Happy girl.

We spent the next several minutes just talking and being generally silly while I clicked away. I kept asking her about her classmates, and if she went to Hogwarts, how they would be sorted into the different houses (For the record, Lauren considers herself a Ravenclaw.).


Her idea of "working the camera."

Sometimes we all see stars.

Sometimes I wonder what's going on in that mind of hers. A lot, I bet.

I C U.

Looking ahead (Get it?) to the rest of the, a birthday party, and playing with friends.

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