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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Wonders never cease.

Guppies for sale.

It's good to be home after spending the majority of last week visiting Boston. Unfortunately, I don't have any photos to share this time. We did spend some time in Seaport, an area of the city that's being revitalized with trendy new hotels and restaurants. I would have easily have found something to photograph, but the winds coming off the ocean were extremely high the day we were there, making it an effort to stand let alone take a picture.

Speaking of the sea, I should probably explain the photo at the top. I took this photo at the end of May, but I never uploaded it. You see, Lauren's first grade glass raised guppies as a science project. Near the end of the school year, they were allowed to take one home to keep as their own, with parental permission of course. Even though Lauren already has a goldfish that she pretty much ignores, we caved in and gave the okay. Lauren was very excited and insisted that her fish was a pregnant female.

When I took this photo, I had thought delivery was imminent. The black spot on her side is called a gravis spot, and is supposed to be an indicator that the guppy is pregnant. Since their gestation period is only 28 days, I thought that she was going to drop her load any day. However, days went by with no fry, and then weeks. Soon, we just forgot about it, figuring that Lauren must have been mistaken about the fish's condition.

Fast forward to yesterday. I was putting some clothes away when Mark came into Lauren's room. He had just cleaned out the fish's bowl earlier that day and started to complain about how much longer the fish would be around. It was then that I went over to check on her and said, "Uh oh." Then he said, "What? Is she dead?" I laughed and said, "No, worse. She had babies!" Sure enough, there were seven or eight teeny tiny fish swimming in the bowl. There would have been more, but Mark may have flushed a few when he cleaned the bowl earlier. Oops.

Apparently, female guppies are able to store sperm for at least three months. So I guess the offer noted on my sign still stands after all!

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