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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

From the archives.

A couple of weeks ago, Mark found some old videos on his computer. I uploaded them to YouTube for safe keeping, and I thought why not share them here?

First some context - these were taken around this time of year in 2007. A few days ago, I realized that Lauren will be seven and a half this weekend. Seven and a half. That's almost eight years old. I was okay with six. I was even fine with seven. But eight? She's almost a tween. *shiver*

Now with the exception of the one that was taken on Christmas morning, these are completely random. There is no plot. No hope of them going viral. Their only purpose is to show how ridiculously cute our child is.

We've since realized that eating a peanut butter sandwich while lying down is probably not such a good idea.

To this day, Lauren still loves to build things. We're hoping that she becomes an architect so that we'll get to go to a fancy nursing home.

Giving Daddy the beat down.

Schooling Daddy on how to properly organize the Hershey's Kisses. She takes after me here.

Christmas morning. Take a drink each time she disagrees with us.

And lastly, a very special appearance. I'd also like to point out how healthy and shiny my hair was. Oh, what I'd give to be five years younger!

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