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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Homecoming 2013

Homecoming 2013.

Last weekend was our district's annual Homecoming celebration. We pack a parade, football game and dance all in one day. And what a gorgeous day it was this year! Our team may not have won a game since 2011, but we know how to throw one heck of parade anyway! You'll probably experience some deja vu here. This is the third time I've blogged about the parade, and it's pretty much the same every year.

Class of 1951.

It's always nice to see the alumni. The oldest group this year was from 1947, but in the recent past I think that they've had some folks as far back as the 30's.

Girl's Lacrosse.

Our football team may be in a slump, but our girl's lacrosse team were the champs this year. 


Here comes Lauren's school. You won't see her in this crowd because she chose to collect candy by the side of the road rather than march in parade.

Shaler Soccer Club.

And you won't see her in this group either. Not only because she's collecting candy by the side of the road, but because she also retired this year from playing soccer.

 Syria Highlanders Pipe Band.

These guys are always my favorite part of the parade.

 Bag pipers.

I wonder how you become a bag piper? It wasn't offered as an extracurricular activity when I went to school.

 Walking the dog.

There's always lots of dogs at the parade. Maybe next year, we'll bring Cookie!

 Shriner's Rode Rigs.

Big man in a very little car.


The Shriners use these mini vehicles to raise money for local charities.

 Volkswagon Club.

Once again, here's theVolkswagon Club. They sure get around. Every year, I say to Mark that we should offer up our MINI convertible as transportation for one of the homecoming queens (Yes, that's plural. There is a queen for each class, plus the band and the chorus), but I always forget to look into it.

 Fire truck.

All the local volunteer fire departments turn out for the parade.


And these horses turn out every year as well.


This year's homecoming theme was "Game On." The students really outdid themselves. I think this year's floats were the best I've seen.

Mario Kart.

Mario Kart.


And my favorite Pac-man. The ghosts behind Pac-man even rotated!

 Marching band.

And the grand finale - the marching band!

 Color guard.

 Sis boom ba!

 Football players.

These guys had it easy.  They were tossing t-shirts to the crowd.

 Lauren and Emily.

Finally, here's Lauren with one of her BFFs and fellow candy hoarder.

 Lysandra, Sierra and Lauren

More BBFs. Everyone in town comes to the parade, so we got to see all of our friends too.

That does it for another year. Hopefully our football team will win a game before Lauren graduates!

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