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Sunday, October 6, 2013

In search of the Great Pumpkin.

Pumpkins to infinity.

Also last weekend, we visited Soergel's Orchards for their annual fall festival.

 Just ducky.

 Exiting the hay maze.

Posing in the front of the hay maze at 

In addition to a pumpkin patch, they had lots of games and activities for kids. Lauren really liked the hay maze, except when her flashlight went out in the middle of it.

 In sync.

While Lauren was hanging out with her grandparents, I went and checked out the horses in the neighboring pasture.


This one was really friendly. He came right up to me and posed!

That one.

Then we took a walk up to the pumpkin patch. Lauren wanted to get one, but I was a party pooper and did my best to talk her out it. For some reason, even though the pumpkins were coming straight from the source, they were pretty expensive. It was really putting a damper on the sincerity level at the patch. Linus would have been very disappointed. Oh Great Pumpkin, where are you!

In the pumpkin patch.

No worries - this story still has a happy ending. Later, daddy would buy three pumpkins for the less price we would have paid for one at the patch. All hail, Great Pumpkin!

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