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Monday, April 28, 2014

52 Weeks of 2014 - Week 17

What's in a name?

A day late, but we have a lot going on right now. Well, actually it's Lauren that has a lot going on right now, and we're just along for the ride. This weekend, she attended her friend's birthday party at Paint Monkey. Paint Monkey is an art studio where you and your friends can hang out and paint a real work of art. The photo above is just a small portion of the studio wall that's filled with name tags from past parties.


You can see the name tag wall in the background of this photo. The guests all paint the same subject, but get to have their own take on it. Lauren's friend chose an owl (A girl after my own heart!).


Lauren was so proud of her finished painting. The instructor said that she was a very serious as she worked and that she did a great job.

In other news, last Wednesday we went to a presentation for school band and orchestra. Lauren went into the presentation interested in playing either the flute or the trumpet, but left the presentation determined to play the trombone, despite that the trombone wasn't even demonstrated during the presentation and that she's never even touched a trombone. I had to beg her to at least put down a couple of other options to try out when the band teachers visited her school. When we asked her why she wanted to play trombone, she said that it was the only instrument she knew how to "play" and that she learned from watching this guy:

So today was the big day, and sure enough, she brought home an evaluation sheet with a big old check next to "Trombone." In fact, she did so well that they didn't even have her try any other instruments, and the instructor drew three smilies on her sheet. They are short on trombone players as it is, so they had to be thrilled to have a girl interested in playing.

As they say, "Know thyself!"

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