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Sunday, May 18, 2014

52 Weeks of 2014 - Week 18

Minecraft birthday party.

This week, we were incredibly busy celebrating Lauren's birth. Typically, there is so much activity and preparing around this event, that she gets a whole birthweek rather than a birthday. Since we wanted to get her a new bike, we took her shopping to various stores during the week so she could pick out one that she liked. Then on her actual birthday, she brought donuts into school and had a few friends sleep over. Mark bought a tent and set it up in the den. It pretty much filled up the whole room! The girls loved it of course, but ultimately did very little sleeping inside of it.

On Sunday, we celebrated Lauren's birthday with our family. This year, I decorated the dining room with a Minecraft theme. I spent much of Saturday sewing that stuffed Creeper sitting on the mantel.

Minecraft party decorations.

The fusebead Minecraft characters hanging from the chandelier were made while I was banished to the kitchen during the sleepover. Hey, I needed something to do.

Minecraft snacks.

Some snacks inspired by "crafting" items.

Minecraft cake.

I had researched Minecraft cakes online, but just the thought of making one myself stressed me out. In hindsight, I wish I would have given it a shot because the bakery did not follow my directions at all. They iced it with white rather than chocolate icing, and decorated it with a big Creeper graphic that I didn't even request! Lauren still liked it anyway, and I ended up getting a refund from the bakery. So it's all good.

Opening her presents.

As you can see, even Lauren's attire matched the theme.

Make a wish. 

Lastly, here she is getting ready to blow out nine big candles. I think she'll be able to handle ten next year, but I'm not sure I will!

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