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Sunday, May 18, 2014

52 Weeks of 2014 - Week 19


Even though Lauren picked out a bicycle for her birthday gift, I still wanted to give her a few small gifts that she could open on her actual birthday. Since she loved her friend's Paint Monkey party so much, I got her a big set of acrylic paints, a stack of canvases and a brush and palette set. I was surprised how much she loved them. The entire weekend, She begged me to help her get set up to paint, but we were too busy with other birthday goings-on to try everything out.

So this weekend, we made a point to set aside time to paint. The plein air easel was a Christmas gift I gave to Mark several years ago, but it has sat unused in our basement ever since. I cleaned it up a few months ago with the thought of using it myself. Of course, I never did. Lauren, however, got it all set up right away. Her new paints and brushes all fit perfectly!

Since then, she's been commissioning me to sketch drawings for her to paint. Her first was portrait of her best friend, Kitty Coconut.

 Sitting for her portrait.

As you can see, Kitty Coconut was more than happy to sit for her portrait.

Assessing her progress.

By the looks of it, Kitty Coco was very pleased with the likeness.

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