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Monday, March 16, 2015

52 Weeks of 2015 - Week 8

 52 Weeks of 2015 - Week 8

I have everything ready to get caught up this week once and for all, but we're going to take it one at a time instead of posting all at once.  This week's topic was cold, which was very fitting considering we had one the year's biggest snow storm. Italian Greyhounds typically dislike the cold and the wet and will even refuse to go outside. All things considered, Cookie does pretty well in the cold. In fact, she does a little *too* well in that she insists on dropping her loads in the deep snow. Sometimes when she's in the process of finding a good spot, her feet get too cold. Then she starts limping around pathetically, and you have to take her inside and try again later.

Cold dog.

Apparently, Marcus does really well in the cold. No worries about him getting cold feet.
Mr. Snowman.

Here's the snowman that Mark and Lauren built after the big snow.

Sketchbook Journal 2015 - Week 8

Lastly, here's this week's sketch journal entry. We've been preparing for (and somewhat dreading) this week for years. Lauren started her swimming unit in gym class. Our district's pool is located at the elementary school, so twice during the school year, the fourth through sixth grade swims everyday for six weeks. Thankfully, Lauren has really progressed during the last couple of years and has become a pretty good swimmer, but there is no way to prepare for the awkwardness changing in front of other girls and having to wear a swim cap. I was so relieved when I picked her up the first day and she told me, "It was awesome!" Gym is now her favorite period, and she's even considering joining the swim team. Let's hope learning to drive goes this well. Okay, maybe not so well that she wants to join NASCAR.

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