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Sunday, February 27, 2011

What little girls are made of.

I didn't eat all the cookies - scout's honor!


Seriously.Not so seriously.


Thank heaven for little girls.

and everything nice.

I'm disappointed that I didn't have more updates for February. Part of the problem is that Mark and I have been sick all week. One of my symptoms is conjunctivitis, and I didn't want to spread bacteria all over the eye cup of my camera which would ultimately result in re-infecting myself (And would also be all around gross - eww.). So I unfortunately haven't been taking any photos as of late.

Also, as you can see above, I've been pretty busy managing the cookie sale for our troop. Everything has been going fairly smoothly thus far, although there was a minor hiccup with our Do-si-do count which was quickly resolved with a little creative reallocation from our surplus, or what I like to call "fuzzy math." Our troop sold 71 cases, and believe it or not, we were able to fit the majority of them in just the Sebring.

As I've mentioned in previous years, for some reason March is usually a challenging month for me, and if this week is any indication, I can tell that this year will be no different. Yippee. :P

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