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Friday, April 29, 2011

Girl Scout goings-on.

Counting bridges.

With her birthday only 3 days away, I'm warning everyone now that the next few posts are going to be very Lauren-centric. First, I thought I'd catch up on our adventures in Girl Scouting. A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of taking our troop on their first hike. Unfortunately, a few of the girls were ill and could not make the trip, plus the constant rain throughout the last several weeks made for a muddy trek. Still, we made the best of it and finished the day without major incident. Just look at me leading the way, pointing out all the flora and fauna (Which amounted to zero, since it was only the beginning of April).

The spectacular natural wonder!

As I've mentioned before, our town boasts it's very own waterfall. The park is literally minutes from our house. Come to think of it, I bet we belong to a very small group of people on the entire face of the Earth who can say that they live minutes from both a waterfall and a rollerskating rink. But back to the hike. In the past, when we've visited the park as a family, the waterfall has always been barely a trickle. However, this time around the recent rain storms had created practically a raging torrent! Practically! Well, all things considered, it was pretty impressive.

Snack break.

The girls took a snack break at the top of the waterfall.

At the top of the falls.

Photo op! Look how tiny we all are.

Posing by the waterfall.

Aren't they adorable? This was right before they decided that Mark was "Big Foot" and started hunting him down like an an angry mob through the woods.

Cake decorating.

Next up - cake decorating. Earlier this week, our service unit held a cake decorating contest for all the troops. This included girls from our level (Daisies) all the way up to Cadettes and Seniors. I had it in my mind that each of our troop's teams who come up with a theme, like dinosaurs, flowers, or under the sea. I had visions of volcanos made from pretzel sticks and coral fashioned out of Tootsie Rolls. The girls, however, had entirely other plans, most of which consisted of piling as much stuff as they could on the cakes.

Looks good so far.

Not bad...looking good so far! While Lauren and her teammates are working, let's take in some of the other girl's creations.

Igloo cake.

Here's a igloo cake, complete with fishing hole!

Spring cake.

A pretty spring cake (Someone brought fondant!).

Easter cake.

An Easter cake.

Gumball machine <br />cake

My fave - a gumball machine! How cool is that!

Rainbow cake.

The older girls got really elaborate. How 'bout this rainbow cake?

Cheeseburger cake.

And look - a cheeseburger!

Lauren's team's cake.

Let's see how our girls our fairing...oh my. They've been busy, haven't they?

Team #2's cake.

More from our That's like all the holidays represented on one cake!

Team #1's cake.

I guess I can officially claim that the Peeps that I brought were a hit.

The finished masterpieces.

And here are the finished masterpieces ready for judging. Talk about creative use of pretzel sticks.

Other troop's cakes.

Here are some of the Brownie Troop's cakes, so I suppose we shouldn't expect the cake decorating skills to develop dramatically over the next couple years.

2nd place finishers!

In the end, Lauren's team won 2nd place. They were really excited to get their red ribbon medals. All the cakes from the event were donated to a local soup kitchen, which I suppose was a positive thing (Just kidding).

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