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Sunday, April 24, 2011


Treasure hunters.

I'm sorry to say that this year, with the exception of these two treasure hunters sprinting through the backyard searching for eggs, I don't have any photos of our Easter celebration to share. It was just too hectic for me to juggle the duties of hostess and family photographer. Instead, I have more photos of jewelry and muscari. I really need to start branching out.

The secret of a happy life isn't buried in a treasure lies within your heart.

I'd almost forgotten about this bracelet, but it immediately came to mind when I thought about this challenge. I purchased it from Etsy last year. It's just too cute - the treasure chest actually opens too.

Little treasure.

It's funny how children understand generosity so early in life and express it in the simplest, yet profoundest of ways. Lauren is always giving me little tokens. When she was very small, she would give me rocks that I would slip into my coat pocket for safe keeping. During the commute to and from work, I would often put my hand into my coat pocket to check to see that they were still there. As she got older, she branched out into drawings and flowers. Just today she gave me this small bouquet. As she grows older, I know that I will miss the days of these simple little treasures.

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