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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Five minutes from home.

Glenshaw Presbyterian Church

I had a lot of great things to choose from for this challenge, what with the nearby Victorian houses, waterfall and roller rink. This is Glenshaw Presbyterian Church. It also serves as our school bus stop.

Roll with it, baby.

Speaking of the roller it is! I had difficulty with this one because I really needed a higher vantage point in order to get the whole sign in the shot. Mark suggested that I try to take it by sticking my head out of the sunroof of the MINI, but since everyone was impatient to get home and eat donuts, I didn't bother.

Romp n' Roll.

So in the end, I just made due with what I got.

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Arianna Belle {Organized Interiors} said...

Hi Melissa,

Do you have an email address I can reach you at? I came across one of your flickr photos and wanted to invite you to participate in a guest series on my blog