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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

In the pink.

I believe in pink.

I'm still trying to take part in daily photo challenges, but due to time constraints/lack of ideas and or energy/inclement weather and so on, more often than not I end up participating on a weekly basis. If I only shoot one subject for the challenge, I've only been uploading the photo to Flickr. However, I've decided that in an effort to make good on my promise to dedicate myself more to blogging, I'm going to post them here as well. I even back filled the last couple, so to the handful of people who still follow our adventures, please go check them out.

These chinese lanterns were decorations from Lauren's fourth birthday party. Sometimes I wonder why I save things like this because chances are, I'm not going to reuse them as party decorations. Nonetheless, they did come in handy today!

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