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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial day observance.

The most precious gift we can offer anyone is our attention.

I wanted to post these yesterday, but we spent the majority of the day outdoors enjoying the unseasonably hot weather. And wouldn't it figure that of the two parades that I've participated in during my lifetime, the one occurs on a day when temperatures are in the mid-nineties?

Memorial Day Parade 2011:  Troop 51504.

Nonetheless, my Girl Scout Troop marched like champs through the heat as both veteran and non-veteran onlookers clapped in appreciation (Credit goes to Mark for taking these great photos of the parade. As you can see, I was too busy waving to the crowds.).

Memorial Day Parade 2011:  Flag bearers.

Memorial Day Parade 2011:  Emergency vehicles.

Memorial Day Parade 2011:  Flag bearers.

These photos make me sweat just looking at them: heavy uniforms and NO SHADE.

Memorial Day Parade 2011:  Cheerleaders.

I felt for those bus riders who had to wait for the cheerleaders to finish their routine. On second thought, no I didn't. They were sitting in air conditioned luxury.

Memorial Day Parade 2011:  Veterans.

Although they were unable to march, these veterans were still honored with the best seats on the parade route.

Memorial Day Parade 2011: American Legion.

As we marched by, the American Legion gave us big cheers.

When the girls reached the end of the parade route, where Freez-pops and shade awaited, there was only one word to describe how they were feeling.

Memorial Day Parade 2011:  Spent.

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