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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Get your kicks.

U6 Soccer - In action.

This week completely got away from me. We've been really busy with end of the school year activities, then next week we're going on vacation. I was thinking that once Lauren was on summer break that things would begin to calm down a bit, but we're pretty much booked through mid-July at this point.

This weekend, Lauren finished U6 soccer. After two seasons of being orange, her team was finally assigned a different color. Not only that, but this was the first time the club solicited sponsors for their teams. "J&B Tire Company" isn't quite as cool as Chico's Bail Bonds, but it's a good start.

Oh man, now I want one of those shirts.

Back to soccer.

U6 Soccer - Lining up for drills.

Here she is queuing up with her teammates for cone drills.

U6 Soccer - She spots me.

Uh oh - I think she spotted me.

U6 Soccer - The reaction.

Yeah, she spotted me.

U6 Soccer - Huddle up.

Huddle up!

U6 Soccer - Go us!

Go Blue Jays! (At least that's what I think we were called. We usually just refer to ourselves as "The Blue Team.")

U6 Soccer - Taking a break

We're already signed up for U7 in the fall, and in August, Lauren's going to participate in British soccer camp, where real live British people come and teach the kids how to play "football." If she doesn't have a Cockney accent by the end of the week, I'm requesting a refund.

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