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Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Boardwalk - Shops.

Jolly Roger kite.

Say what you will about boardwalk shopping (If you're Mark, you'd say that they are filled with cheaply made yet expensive tchotchkes.), you can't say that they're boring.

Graphic tees.

The trends may change, but what doesn't change is that the boardwalk is the place to get the latest graphic t-shirt. Come to think it of, one thing that did change is the way they make them. They didn't used to be pre-made, but came made-to-order with the decals applied with a hot press (I know someone out there in Blogland who remembers that, and she knows who she is - lol!).

Rock posters.

And everyone still loves John Lennon, Mick Jagger and Janis Joplin.

Mr. Peanut(s)!

One thing that did change was the peanut shop. Not only did it downsize, but sadly, you can no longer smell the peanuts roasting from a block away. In fact, they didn't appear to be roasting any peanuts when I stopped inside. The old roasters were merely there for display.

Antique Mr. Peanut scale.

However, I did spy this antique Mr. Peanut scale behind the counter. I remember playing on it when I was little.

Shriver's salt water taffy.

I am happy to report that you can still watch the salt water taffy being made in the back of Shriver's shop.

Taffy pulling machine.

Looks like they were making either lemon or banana that day.

Shriver's wall of candy.

Shriver's also sells a lot more than salt water taffy. I was mesmerized by this wall of candy!

Mack & Manco Pizza.

Lastly, in our opinion there is no better pizza than what is served at the Jersey shore, hands down. As soon as we arrived, we ate at Mack & Manco's and shortly thereafter vowed to eat every meal there (We didn't, of course, because they're not open for breakfast.).

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