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Saturday, June 11, 2011

39 bottles of beer on the wall.

Me enjoying my birthday presents.

Just taking a moment from packing to enjoy my birthday presents from Mark. Tomorrow, we're headed to the beach - Ocean City, New Jersey to be exact. Unlike with British soccer camp, I hope Lauren does not bring home the accent. ;)

But before we go, I want to take another moment to give a big thanks to my far away friends that go out of their way to make me feel special on my birthday. Since I can't show you my gratitude in person, I hope this blog tribute lets you know how much I appreciate your thoughfulness!

The most amazing mod wrapping paper.

First up, my awesome cousin Noreen sent me a gift wrapped in the most amazing mod-printed wrapping paper. I almost didn't want to tear into it, but of course, I did anyway.

Pretty recipe book.

Inside was this oh-so pretty recipe book. Noreen makes the best thumbprints you've ever tasted, and it will be the first recipe that I add to it.

I'm too sexy for this notepad.

Then there was this - the best notepad EVER. I will let it speak for itself.

Big Mama Eiffel.

Next, I received this from my dear friend, Dolores. She knows that I love collecting Eiffel Towers and always keeps an eye out for me. This one I refer to as "Big Mama Eiffel" (Or maybe that should be Grand Maman Eiffel?), because she also sent me a little baby Eiffel that serves as a photo clip. Dolores is known for her famous biscotti, so maybe a biscotti recipe should be the next one I add to my new book!

Me and my sweetie.

Yep, with birthdays are like this, I almost don't mind getting old!

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