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Monday, June 20, 2011

The Boardwalk - The Rides


(As I was editing this photo, I only then noticed the cute little seagull perched in the top left corner. See him? He's easier to spot if you view the photo large on Flickr.)

The OCNJ boardwalk has two amusement parks - Playland and Wonderland. Unfortunately, neither of them is cheap: one buck per ticket, with each ride averaging 3-4 tickets. Yikes.

Lauren on the boat ride.

But when Lauren started begging to ride the cute boats at Wonderland (floating in real water), we caved and bought some tickets.

Me on the Wonderland carousel.

Mark made me ride the carousel with Lauren because he thought it went too fast. Double yikes.

Wonderland monorail.

I remember riding this awesome monorail when I was little. It goes around the top perimeter of the indoor park and then around the outside. Too bad it was 5 tickets per person and therefore would have cost us $15 to ride it as family. Triple yikes.

Ferris Wheel at Wonderland

Mark took this cool shot of the Wonderland ferris wheel and swings.

Musik Express

Lastly, one of my favorite rides (which we also have here at Kennywood), Musik Express. Mark will forever associate this ride with the time that he ripped his shirt when it got caught in the safety bar.

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