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Friday, May 11, 2012

The art of having a birthday.

Molding with clay.

Your eyes do not deceive - less than a week after Lauren's birthday party, we have photos! I should get extra credit because this week was just as busy as the last two, filled with basketball, soccer and Girl Scouts, but unlike the last two weeks both Lauren and I were feeling well. Makes a world of a difference.

Happy birthday chalkboard.

Anyway, after the craziness of the last year's pizza party, I decided to take the birthday on the road to the North Hills Art Center. We had access to the entire art studio, which included this awesome sitting area for parents which I called the "Groovy Grown-up Lounge." I'm saddened that I did not take a photo of it.

 Lauren painting.

The party was basically an art class run by one of the Center's instructors, followed by traditional cake and present opening. As I went through the photos, it occurred to me that it probably looks like the kids aren't having much fun because no one is smiling. On the contrary, these were some serious artists, and even the instructor commented on how well behaved the kids were. Everyone did seem to have a great time and got to take home some cool art projects to boot.

 Siera, Samantha and Kendall.

 Jack and Matt

First the kids painted animals on real canvas.


 Griffin and Lauren G.

Then it was time to make animal masks.

 Lauren with kitty mask.

Here's Lauren showing off her kitty mask.

Masked men.

Who were those masked men?

Alex and Adrian.

During the school year, Lauren had worked with clay in art class and was really excited about doing a clay project at her birthday party. She insisted on making clay animals.

Clay kitty.

Here's her finished project - a kitty sitting in a bed, complete with mouse toy. It may not be a Rodin, but we all have to start somewhere.

That concludes the marking of the 7th year. If these parties keep getting more and more elaborate each year, we're going to be hosting a weekend long cotillion by her tenth birthday.

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