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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Get a pizza the action.

Table setting.

Tomorrow is Lauren's seventh birthday party, so what better time to post about her sixth birthday party. Last year, we hosted 15 kids at our house, but tomorrow we're having the party offsite at the North Hills Art Center. I've been feeling under the weather, so I'm thankful that at least I will not have children tearing through my home tomorrow.

 Get a pizza the action.

Pizza was the theme of last year's party. I got the idea from a Curious George book. Mark made this cool sign for our dining room.


For favors, each guest received a chef's hat, gummy pizza candy, a pizza smelling bookmark, pizza stickers, mustaches, and a red bandana. Everything you need to be a pizza chef.

Pizza cake.

I made pizza cakes with red icing for the sauce, shaved white chocolate for the cheese, and fruit rollups for the pepperoni.


Each guest got to make their own personal pizza, made with Mark's famous fresh pizza dough. We also made sure we had lots of toppings to choose from, although I don't believe anyone used the green peppers.


For games, the kids played pin the pepperoni on the pizza.

Pin the pepperoni on the pizza.

Each guest had their own personalize pepperoni piece.


Jack and Matt.

We also played the meatball toss.

 Lauren G.

Then it was time to make the pizzas.

Mini pizzas.

Daddy and Mel C.

We also made an adult sized pizza for us to snack on. It was topped with the forsaken green peppers.

I was happy when the kids ripped into their favor bags and really started getting into the act.




Make a wish.

And at last, the birthday girl with her pizza cake. Hopefully tomorrow's party will be as fun as this one. And I promise I won't wait a year to post about it!

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