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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Boardwalk of Fame and Happiness.

Wildwood bench.

I'm just crazy about boardwalk culture. The shops, the food, the arcades - I love it all.

 Silly t-shirts.

Graphic t-shirts.

Italian stallion.

You only have to look as far as the t-shirt shops to know the latest in pop culture.

 Wooden roller coaster covered in fog.

On Monday morning, a really thick fog rolled in from the ocean. You could barely see the amusement piers.

Lauren posing in the hand chair.

Lauren was fascinated by these hand chairs. I was relieved that she was not interested in getting a henna tattoo.


My favorite sign on the boardwalk. That has to be the most adorable shrimp I've ever seen.

Lauren at the James's candy store.

In Wildwood and Atlantic City, you go to James's to get your salt water taffy.

James' taffy.

The store had an old fashioned charm, but I still prefer Shriver's in Ocean City.

Taffy bins.

I think I missed watching the people make the taffy at the back of the store. Maybe that was it.

Godfather car.

You're pretty much guaranteed to see interesting things around the boardwalk. Like this car, for example. According to the proudly displayed sign in the rear windshield, it was used during the filming of The Godfather. Ooo...

Lauren and me in the surrey.

And what better way to travel the boardwalk than in a surrey? We took a surrey ride last year at Ocean City, but I didn't get a chance to take a photo. I was sure to do so this year! Speaking of interesting sights, as we were pedaling along one the morning, two Jersey boys got into a fist fight in front of our surrey. I just told Mark to pedal faster.

Pirate Glo Golf.

We also played glow-in-the-dark pirate mini golf. It was only $5 per person, and the design was really impressive.

The Kraken mural at Pirate Glo Golf.

Release the Kraken!

The sign says it all.

I still have a lot of photos to share of the boardwalk at night, but since this is getting rather long, I'll just save them for the next entry!

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