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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Jacob's first birthday.

 Mickey cake.

Let me start off by saying that we had one heck of a day today. That story will have to wait until tomorrow because I'm still processing some video so I can post it. Also, I'm way behind on blogging. Our nephew Jacob celebrated his first birthday last weekend, and I'd like to post the photos before he graduates college.

 Looking up.

There's Jacob now.

 Messy face.

He just finished a snack before we took these.


A full baby is a happy baby.


Apparently, Jacob found us all to be incredibly boring.


Then he realized that we weren't going away anytime soon, which was quite a shock.

What's this?

Suddenly, a mysterious object appeared.


Unprovoked, the mysterious object attacked. Poor, Jacob!

I've had it.

It was time for the universal sign for "Somebody help - a very small cake just attacked me!"

It's a wonder that we all don't grow up hating cake.

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Anonymous said...

you always take such great pictures what a talent. thanks for sharing