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Friday, June 8, 2012

The Revenge of Goin' Buggy.

Take off!

Yesterday started off quietly enough. After weeks of preparation, Lauren's class was finally ready to put on their show, "Goin' Buggy," a cute musical where the bugs demand better treatment, or at least not to be stepped on by people. She headed off to school in her hand sewn costume and was going to take the theatrical world by storm.

40th office.

Meanwhile for me, it was my last day of work before vacation. But since this story isn't about me, just ignore all that 40 business for now.

 Goin' Buggy.

Around 10 a.m., I was working hard chatting with Mark on the phone when my other line started to ring. I checked the number, and my heart sank. It was the school. I immediately had visions of poor Lauren throwing up on stage. Sure enough, it was the school nurse calling to report that Lauren had fallen on stage and was cut so deeply on the chin that it was going to require stitches. She didn't have many details beyond that, since everyone who saw it happen was still at the play.

So off Mark went to pick her up at school while I tried my best to finalize the day's worth of work within a half an hour. I met them both at the closest urgicare, where they proceed to give her four stitches.

 The cast.

After a visit to Build-A-Bear to make things better and an hour or so worth of rest at home, Lauren demonstrated to all of us what it means when "the show must go on," and proceeded back to school so she could participate in the afternoon performance and then back again in the evening for the family performance.

Here are some highlights of the show. First, the opening number (Don't try to find Lauren - she's buried in the middle somewhere):

Lauren emoting (Okay, not so much. But hey, can you blame her?).

And now, the big moment. Here we come to understand how she managed to fall on her chin without injuring her jaw, teeth or any other body parts.

She either smacked her chin on the stage really hard when she got into position or bobbed her head a little too enthusiastically. Her teacher said that she didn't even alert anyone to the problem until she started bleeding.

One last number - You can't see Lauren in this one either, but nonetheless I thought it was cute enough to share.

Flying off into the sunset.

And that's the story of how Lauren became the first kid to get injured in the history of Goin' Buggy.

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