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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

So here we are at the close of another holiday! We celebrated last night with our family and friends, so today was a lounge day. I recorded last night's airing of the The Ten Commandments, and spent a good part of the day on the couch watching. For the first time in as long as I can remember, I got to see the whole thing! It was great.

Blooming cookies.

Lauren and I baked a lot of cookies this year. Not quite as many as for Christmas, but it was close! Lauren suggested that we used neon food coloring, and I have to say that I don't think I'll be going back to the regular kind because they turned out awesome. Although I should have taken an accompanying photo of my matching dyed fingers...

 Pastel sugar cookies

Last Christmas, I discovered the joy of cake mix cookies. The pink is flavored with strawberry Jello, the yellow with lemon pudding and the green with pistachio pudding.

  Pastel cookies lined up in a row.

It's an easy way to make a whole lot of cookies at once!

Queen of the Egg Hunt.

It's become a tradition that we have an egg hunt in our backyard the evening before Easter. This year, we invited several of Lauren's friends to join in. We had 104 eggs in the hunt, and we think that there's a least one somewhere out there in the yard. I wonder if it will sprout Reese's cup flowers?

I wish I had family pictures to share, but my hostess responsibilities seem to grow with each holiday, making it increasingly difficult to play the role of photographer as well. On top of that, for the most part Lauren can't stand to have her photo taken. If she's in the right mood, I can occasionally coax her to pose for me, but for the most part, she wants nothing to do with it (In fact, I had to beg her to hold that basket over her head, and with all the sighing and eye-rolling I got, you would have thought I was painting her portrait for hours rather than snapping a few photos that took all of five minutes.). I realize that I have only myself to blame for it, so I try not to pester her about it.

Which brings me to something I've been thinking about - the blog. Between our increasingly busy lifestyle and the fact that it's difficult to document our family's daily life when a third of our family has adopted a no photo policy (And I might add, the part of family who has the most going on), I've been thinking about what to do going forward. First off, I've decided to quit doing Project 52. I actually finished through week 6, and while I could handle the assignments from a skill standpoint, I feel like I'm doing way too much assignment photography, which is taking away from my desire to do personal photography. I am going to continue with the 52 Weeks of Cookie because her adorableness needs to be documented for the world.

So while it may sound like I'm preparing to announce the end of The Ross Family Equation, I'm not. Actually quite the opposite. I want to revive it to be what I first intended it to be - a way to document the everyday goodness in our lives. I just have to figure out a way to make it work!

In the meantime, I added my Twitter feed to the sidebar. I've gotten in the habit of tweeting photos from my 365 days project, so there will be new content there on a fairly regular basis.

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