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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Project 52 Assignment 2: Vision Statement

For this Project 52 assignment, we had to come up with our vision statement and take a photo to represent it. I'd actually thought a bit about my vision statement when I built my website, but this time, I really, really thought about it. Like for days. Unlike the last assignment, I enjoyed this one because it was helpful in putting into words what I do.

The harder part was actually coming up with a photo to go with it! I've taken a lot of photos that I feel really translate what's going on in my mind, but Don wanted a brand new photo. There are two things that I cannot do on cue: 1.) Provide a urine sample. 2.) Take a photo that bears my soul to the world. Hopefully no one ever asks me to do both at the same time.

But back to the vision statement.

Project 52 Assignment 2:  Vision Statement

I am a champion for everyday life.

I spotlight the moments and details that we take for granted and use them to communicate concepts in a expressive, engaging way.

I'm always in the mood to photograph.

When I asked Lauren to pose with this camera, she kept checking the back for the LCD screen. When she asked if she could take my picture with it, I explained that she couldn't because it was a film camera, and it needed to be loaded with film. Then she asked, "Well, can't you go get some?"

Don said that I nailed my vision statement and thought my photo was "very cool." One thing he couldn't figure out was what kind of camera Lauren was holding, which is funny because I'm sure he's shot a lot of film in his day (Although in his defense, I think he primarily shoots with Canon and this is an old Nikon.).

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