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Sunday, March 16, 2014

2014 Sketch Journal - Week 9

I'm still terribly behind on my journal, but since I worked on it this week, at least the backlog hasn't grown. This week's layout was inspired by a gift that I received from my friend Dolores. Sometime ago, she had sent me a jar of Branches Citrus Blossom honey (Apparently, Dolores knows her honey, because it made Oprah's "O List"!). Since I was sick with a cold, I decided to try it in some peach tea. It was absolutely amazing! Now I've been enjoying it whenever I can. After I took a photo of my pages, I realized that I had totally forgotten to mention it! So rest assured that I wrote it in after the fact.

While I like how the beehive and bubble bee turned out, my teacup isn't what I had envisioned. Since I'm behind, I kind of rushed through this, so I'll have to have another go at drawing tea cups another time. The little flower stickers came from Japan. I stumbled upon them on Etsy, along with some really adorable cats and dogs stickers and Eiffel Tower stickers that I'm certain to use on future pages.

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