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Sunday, March 2, 2014

For 52 Weeks of 2014: Week 9 - Macro / Close-up

Don't rain on my parade.

One of my 2014 resolutions was to take more photos with my iPhone, and I've really been owning up to it. Getty Images launched a new mobile app at the end of last year, so most of what I've been shooting hasn't been making it to Flickr because I can submit my work directly from my phone. I've also been getting a hang of editing photos on my phone. It's such a nicer workflow than sitting for hours at my computer downloading, editing, uploading and keywording. I especially love using Hipstamatic, which is a photo app where you change your "film" and "lens" to create different effects. It's really fun!

We were supposed a huge snowstorm today, but it ended up being a big nothing. I think we barely got two inches, when at one point up to a foot was predicted! I used the time at home today to get caught up on my sketchbook journal. If you scroll back, you'll see that they've been back filled up to this past week.

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