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Sunday, April 5, 2015

52 Weeks of 2015 - Week 14

 52 Weeks of 2015 - Week 14

This week's theme was blessings. I don't think I need to explain my photo choice any further.

 Almost 10.

Last year for Lauren's birthday, we bought her a new bike. Because she was in between sizes, we decided to get her a bike that she could grow into. The downside was that it was just a little too big for her to ride. This year, it's just right.

Relaxing on her chair.

Some bonus photos of Kitty Coco. I noticed how her eyes coordinated with the aqua accents in the background, so I had to take some photos.


She's got the life. First it's bath time...


...then it's nap time.

Sketchbook Journal 2015 - Week 14 

No significance behind this week's sketch. Lauren has these really cute bird toys that sing and repeat what you say, so I just decided to draw one because I liked the colors.

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