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Sunday, April 19, 2015

52 Weeks of 2015 - Week 15

 52 Weeks of 2015 - Week 15

This week's theme was floral, which made it easy since all the trees are in bloom right now.

I have to admit that there are times when I get the exact shot that I want, it makes my entire day. This was one of those times. There are sparrows that nest in our birdhouse every year, and I thought it would look amazing if I could get a shot of them with our neighbor's magnolia tree in the background. So in the evening I headed outside with my longest telephoto lens and prepared to wait. I think I was out there less then ten minutes when not one, but two birds decided to come home to roost. I actually got several shots of them, but this one is my favorite.

Yellow magnolia.

This is Mark's extra special yellow magnolia tree. It gets more and more blooms each year.

Sketchbook Journal 2015 - Week 15

This week was the Pittsburgh Pirates home opener at PNC Park. They had a gorgeous day for it, with temps in the 80's! I didn't get to attend, but I do plan on going to several games this year. Mark and Lauren are already sick of me making them watch baseball on television every night.

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