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Thursday, August 4, 2016

A visit with Mr. Pancakes.

Mr. Pancakes.

Considering he's hasn't made an appearance here in awhile, I thought it was about time that we checked in with Mr. Pancakes. It's hard to get good photos of Mr. P. because a.) He's nocturnal and wakes up around the time that we're going to bed and b.) He's super quick.

Just call me Hammy P for short.

Recently, Mr. P. faced a bit of a strange health challenge. Almost overnight, a rather ugly, large growth formed, to put it delicately, on the underside of his hind end. I thought for sure that he was a goner, but he kept eating and going about his business normally. Then about a week ago, the growth just disappeared. Well, I guess it must have fell off because there was just a small sore left in place. So we just keep monitoring his condition and hope that he'll make a full recovery.


I forgot to add that another reason why he's difficult to photo. Actually, there are three more reasons named Marcus, Cookie and Kitty Coconut. They were all very interested in getting to know Mr. Pancakes as I was trying to take his photo (I think those white blurs in the background are Coco and Cookie). No wonder he's hiding - he being mobbed by his fans!

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