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Sunday, August 7, 2016

The zillionth visit to Zoar.

Barn hex.

Okay, so I may be exaggerating that this was our zillionth visit to the Zoar, Ohio Harvest Festival, but I know we've been going for the last seven years. I'm not sure we've gone every year though. The last time I posted photos of our visit was in 2013. I'm pretty certain we went last year. If I recall correctly, we neglected to check the weather forecast in Ohio, and it poured the whole time we were there. In any case, every time we visit, things are the same and yet they change. Like this year, they moved the parking area to a completely different location, so this was the first time I'd seen this barn and its hex star.

House #21.

All of the historic homes in Zoar are labeled and numbered. If you recall, a few years ago Zoar was endangered of becoming extinct due to a leaky levee, but some lobbyists came to the rescue saved the town.

Chairs for sale.

The reason we go to Zoar each year is because of it's antique show, but homes throughout the village get into the act too and sell antiques and vintage items in their yards.

Mark hanging out on Main Street.

Here's Mark sitting on Main Street. Lauren was sitting next to him, but she ran for it as soon as she noticed that I was taking a photo. That's how it goes these days.

Ford tough.

Every year they have a display of antique tractors. Its location seems to move around the town, but I think the tractors are the same.

Hanging hats.

The buildings also have displays with items from the period when Zoar was founded. Next year, they'll be celebrating their bicentennial!

Giant hybiscus.

One of the best parts of Zoar is the gardens and garden house. The hibiscuses are huge!

Cone flowers.


Some day soon, I'll post photos from our vacation to Williamsburg. Mark described Williamsburg as bigger version of Zoar, so consider this a preview!

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