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Friday, November 30, 2007

Back in business.

Ode to the G4.

It took $73.53 (plus $5 to park in downtown Pittsburgh), but we are back to where we were around 6:00 on Monday. We decided that, given our Power Mac G4 was seven years old, there was really no point in spending money to attempt to repair it. So on Wednesday, Mark won another G4 on eBay from a local seller. He picked it up at a downtown office on Thursday, switched out it's hard drive with the old one (which was thankfully unscathed from what ever took out the computer) and all is well once again.

It's specs are slightly laughable. It's 400MHz processor is about the equivalent of a hamster in a wheel by today's standards (Our old one was a later model that was closer to a somewhat respectable 1 GHz.), but with 1 GB of memory and a 80 GB hard drive, it's really not such a bad little computer (Cue Linus: "It just needs a little love."). It's doing what I need it to do, and that's all that matters to me.

Tomorrow, I will be spending some time organizing and backing up my photos. Lesson learned.

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