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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Saturday doings.

Christmas cottages.

Today's big outing sent us to K-mart for some new shower curtain liners (I know, I know - if only you could lead such a glamorous life as ours!) . While we were there, we checked out Martha Stewart's Christmas decor offerings for this year. Martha's people came up with some really good stuff, like these cute little Christmas cottages (The Chinese who made them were a little glue happy, but they're nice just the same). Lauren immediately claimed the green one for herself. She even took it to bed with her during her nap! I had to pry it from her little hand to take this photo.

Holiday fireworks.

Today was our town's annual Light Up night. We had contemplated attending, but since it was pouring down rain this evening, we decided to stay home. Which wasn't a hard decision to make, since we can clearly see the fireworks display from our porch. I don't understand why the threat of rain can cancel 4th of July fireworks, but these fared perfectly fine during a downpour. Anyway, this was the first time Lauren saw fireworks. She wasn't terrified, but she wasn't thrilled with them either.

Lastly, our friend Melissa made it through surgery just fine, but since her recovery took a little longer than expected, she wasn't released from the hospital until today.

I had an interesting experience waiting at the hospital while she was surgery. First, I accidentally walked in on a woman in the bathroom. Then, I sat next to an affluent divorced couple who was waiting for their son to come out of surgery. For the duration, they discussed (in very formal tones) every aspect of their son's life, from his grades (3.75 GPA, but his mother is concerned about his lack of motivation. There were many mentions of Ivy League schools nonetheless.), his unpaid summer job (helping autistic children at the YMCA), his learning to drive "a vehicle", and of course, his sex life or hopefully lack thereof (He is definitely looking to have "sexual intercourse" with a girl, but they don't think that it's happened yet. His mom, however, had caught him surfing porn on the internet and posting suggestive photos of himself on his My Space page.).

It was both fascinating and frightening. And it definitely served as a wake up call for what Mark and I are going to have to face as Lauren gets older.

Here I thought that Lauren's insistance on watching the same episode of Scooby Doo over and over again was cause for concern. Apparently, I ain't seen nothing yet.

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