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Saturday, March 1, 2008



Wal-mart has all of their Easter candy sorted by color. It's really neat because they have bags of M&M's, jelly beans, Peeps and malted eggs sorted in single pastel colors. As I stood there marveling at the prettiness and the brilliant organization of it all, I suddenly felt the shopping basket that I was holding get heavier. I looked down to see that Lauren had placed two bags of green M & M's, a bag of green jellybeans, and two packages of green peeps inside.

Today, we discovered that Lauren can count in Spanish. Under normal circumstances, we would have stood awe-inspired by her precociousness, but since she chose to demonstrate this new skill in the middle of Wendy's by shouting CINC-O! O-CHO! over and over again, we simply made hasty retreat.

Lastly, it really bothered me that my last post didn't have a photo to accompany it. I was originally going to post a random photo of Lauren just for the sake of having one, but then the next day, the obvious choice struck me. So now the post is complete.

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