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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Don't get me started.

Crushing at Age 4.

I am way too invested in this season of American Idol. I am almost too embarrassed to admit it (Almost.).

I for one really enjoyed Jason Castro's "I Just Want to Be Your Everything." I thought that the judges were overly harsh on him overall and didn't even recognize the fact that he took a dated disco song and arranged it into something fresh that could be played on the radio today. Whatever. I stopped trying to make sense out of this show years ago. Anyway, I've had that song in my head all day and can't wait to download it when it's available on iTunes tomorrow.

Now, I'm not so naive as to think that Jason has any chance of winning. The judges made that very clear last night with their exaggerated praise for David Archuleta. There is no denying that he is extremely talented and would be a deserving winner. However, why oh why do we have to crown someone in Week 2 of the competition? It sucks all the drama and excitement out the stupid show. Why should we even bother watching the rest of the season when obviously everyone's mind is already made up?

After Jason got criticized and was stuck in the unmemorable #2 slot, I took it as a call to arms and voted. I felt like I was the only one voting for him because I got through every stinkin' time. I also tried Michael Johns and Luke Menard's lines and got through easily. David A's was consistently busy.

At first, Mark couldn't figure out who I was voting for, but finally guessed after he ran through about 7 of the contestants (Robbie Carrico? David Hernandez? I think not!). Mark's only explanation for my mania is that the crush that I had on Vinnie Barberino when I was 4 years old has suddenly resurfaced.

I just want his simple, pleasant voice to stick around for a few more weeks, a least until the Top 10 so that he can make the tour. So all you Archuleta fans out there, why not throw a few votes Jason's way for me, cause it's not like David needs them.'kay? Thanks!

P.S. If Jason falls, I'm moving on to Brooke White (if she's still around by that point).


Noreen said...

A friend's Mom took her & I to actually SEE "Vinnie Barbarino" - he was at a mall or somewhere. I was probably 11 or 12. I love the tee!! (the braids are pretty cute too!)

Saucy said...

My husband has a crush on Brooke. I'm not that worried about it.

We're invested, too. And we aren't reality-show people. I'm diggin' Jason and also David Cook! Like your little blog.

PS. I saw the Bay City Rollers when I was about six.