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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

"I solved the mystery of Melissa!"

Don't fear the Cookie.

That's what Lauren said tonight when she found my friend Melissa during a game of hide and seek.

You may remember that Melissa had surgery back in November. After a long recovery, she finally rejoined living this week (That is, if you consider us poor working slobs as actually living.).

We're so glad that she's back. My baked beans have suffered immensely without her.

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Melissa said...

To the Ross Family:
Thank you for reminding me how life is lived last night. It was absolutely wonderful to share a meal (even though I forgot to doctor the beans, but I was making cookies with playdough) and play with Lauren (under Mark's watchful eye AKA Cookie Monster).
You are each truly special to me, and I am sure you were convinced I had lost mind mind with my many impressions and characters with Lauren ( I know she thought so).
Much love and friendship to you all!
This family knows what is truly special and what counts in life.....other people should be so lucky! xoxo