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Friday, February 15, 2008

Almost famous.

Almost famous.

Occasionally, someone asks me for permission to use one of my photos in a publication. So far, most of the requests have been for website articles, but I was recently asked to lend the photo of Lauren reading on our patio for a newsletter for moms of preschoolers in the Kennett, PA area near Delaware. So here she is in actual print! This photo has received the most comments of all of my photos on Flickr, so it really must speak to people.

In case anyone is wondering, Mark gave me a box of frosted strawberry Pop Tarts (with rainbow sprinkles) for Valentine's Day. And in case anyone is wondering, this made me really happy. I'm hoping to get a box of Chocolate Fudge ones for the next holiday (Easter, perhaps?).

Fifteen minutes to go until our fish fry dinner in ready for pick up at St. Bonaventure!

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Anonymous said...

Finally someone famous in our family. Congratlations Lauren next we will see your smiling face on Parents Magazine or something. Only the best is coming your way. Love you so much.