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Friday, August 29, 2008

Are we going to find George Washington?

Playing in George Washington's backyard.

Imagine hearing that question again and again and again over the course of three days. Yes, Lauren loves her some George Washington.

Much to Lauren's disappointment, we did not find George Washington. We did, however see...

...where he lived.
...where he ate and drank.
...where he went to church.
...where he slept (everywhere).
...where he died.
...where he was laid to rest.

So who could blame Lauren for being a little obsessed? The man got around.

We really enjoyed our visit to Mt. Vernon. You can easily spend the entire day roaming the plantation, as there is so much to see and learn. And while Ben Franklin seems to get all the credit for being the brains of the Founding Fathers, GW was no slouch in that area. Here is Lauren and Mark approaching the innovative 16 sided barn designed by GW himself.

Sixteen sided barn.

And here are the stable wenches tending to the horses near by. Why can't I have a job that entails dressing up in cute period costumes?!

Stable wenches.

Unfortunately, photographs are not permitted inside the house, so you will have to take my word for it when I say how awe inspiring it is to see the room where he died. And that Mount Vernon pretty much looks like our house, at least before he added on to it.

One of many old trees on Mount Vernon's grounds.

More photos can be seen on Flickr.

Additional photos of Alexandria coming in the next post!

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