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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Deja moo.

Negative and Positive.

On one of our early dates, Mark took me to the Westmoreland County Fair. We've attended every year since then, only missing one or two around the time that Lauren was born.

The fair doesn't change very much from year to year, although this was the first time we went during the day rather than the evening. The rides weren't running, but that didn't bother Mark and I too much since our admission price was deeply discounted. Although, the Fun Slide did look, well, fun.

Fun slide.

Since she couldn't really appreciate the cheap admission price, Lauren on the other hand was despondent because she desperately wanted to ride the Ferris wheel. We have to get that kid on one before summer ends.

The best part of the fair anyway is getting the opportunity to see the farm animals up close and personal. Lauren's favorite was the fowl exhibit where she could check out the hens, roosters and ducks without feeling like she was going to get stomped on by a big hefer. At one point, we did approach a boy who was waiting his turn to bathe his horse. The exchange went something like this:

Me: Hello. What's your horse's name?
Boy: Jasmine.
Me: Oh, so your horse is a girl.
Me: (To myself as we slowly backed away) Whoa, easy big fella!

Sheep be true. Baa ram ewe!

My favorite was this guy. I said "Baa ram ewe!" to him, but he just wasn't buying it.

Funnel cakes - yum!

On second thought maybe the food is the best part of the fair. I had my heart set on eating some fried vegetables, but they were way expensive. Instead, we had roast beef subs which were healthy by comparison. Lauren was very pleased with her $1 bag of popcorn.

At the exit, the fair was hosting a car cruise. And lo and behold what was on display complete with autographed topless photo of Daisy Duke, aka Catherine Bach, none other than...

The General Lee.

...The General Lee! YEE HAW! I love the Dukes of Hazzard! Initially, I had a crush on Bo, but I later moved on to Luke. But then those Faux Dukes Coy and Vance came into the picture and completely ruined the show and maybe I should just just wrap this up now.

Mark and Lauren at the Westmoreland Fair.

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