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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Buccaneers and buccinators.

View from luxery box #11.

Last night, I was fortunate enough once again to enjoy watching the Pittsburgh Pirates lose to the LA Dodgers from the confines of my company's luxury box. I've become so spoiled at this point that I don't think I can ever watch a game sitting in the stands again.

The Pirates contribution to science.

This year, my best gal pal Mel C got to tag along too. Poor girl was still reeling from the news that she had torn her buccinator. But not even her devastating injury could hold her back from cheering on our favorite pierogi. She's a trooper!

Now before you watch this video, please keep in mind the following:

--This is a very poor quality video of The Great Pierogi Race

--"Saul" is none other than Sauerkraut Saul.

--The beer had long run out at this point.

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